5 Awesome 90s TV Shows That Gave Television A Whole New Meaning

From teens in high school to crime fighting superheroes to sketch comedy. The 90s was the height of TV

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1. Full HouseThis show had everything. Life lessons, comedy, sadness, love, etc. Centering on widower, Danny Tanner, who recently lost his wife in a car accident, has to raise his 3 young daughters with the help of his best friend, Joey Gladstone, and his brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis. You get to see all the characters grow, go through heartbreak, dealing with drinking, Jesse & Rebecca getting married and having Nicky & Alex, everything. This show is still loved by people all over the world because it’s so relatable and quite entertaining & funny.

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2. Power RangersBased off of Japanese show Super Sentai, Power Rangers was and still is a big success with children, despite all the colorfulness and cheesiness. Set in non-existent Angel Grove, California, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is about evil Queen Rita Repulsa, along with her monster minions (Goldar, Finster, Squat & Baboo), getting released on the moon after being trapped for 10,000 years. Zordon, a floating head wizard, and robot Alpha 5 recruit a team of 5 “teenagers with attitude”, wearing colorful spandex in which give them superpowers, to stop Rita and her monsters. The teens use their Zords and Megazords (giant machines) to help them defeat the monsters. Also, who can forget that awesome 5 parter “Green With Evil” that introduced the most popular Ranger ever, Tommy Oliver (who was also the White, Red & Black Rangers in multiple seasons)? Rita captures Tommy, who just transferred to Angel Grove, and turns him into the evil Green Ranger. He sets out to destroy the Power Rangers, starting with leader, Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott, and transports him to Rita’s Dark Dimension, where he’s trapped, with no morpher, no Power Coin, no communicator, and has to face Goldar alone. The Rangers later then finally find Jason and teleport him back to the Command Center seconds before Tommy finished him off. They then find out that he is the Green Ranger and try to break the spell, successfully doing so and Tommy joins the team. With a hit show, 2 movies (1995 & 1997), and a huge toy line, the Power Rangers was the most successful kids show in the world in the 90s. The gang had an appearance at Universal Studios Hollywood in 1994 and literally shut down LA. Currently in its 21st season, an upcoming anniversary special, and a just recently announced Mighty Morphin’ movie reboot in the works, Power Rangers has proven to be one of the most popular shows of the 90s. And you can’t forget that catchy theme song. “Go Go Power Rangers” indeed. With all the cheesiness, fighting monsters and slightly bad acting, it would still be relatable to everyday life. School, bullies, sports. And also, Austin St. John & Jason David Frank were pretty “morphenomenal”.

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3. Saved By the BellWhat’s not to love about this show? It had cute guys, plots were about everyday problems, and those classic 90s cell phones. About 6 friends in high school, Zack Morris, AC Slater, Samuel “Screech” Powers, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, and Lisa Turtle, who all deal with everyday problems. Zack & Kelly have an on-off relationship, same with Jessie & Slater, and Screech has been chasing Lisa since grade school, hoping to win her heart someday. Jessie at one point takes pills in order to be able to study for a test, Slater gets his license, Kelly has to choose between Zack & her new boss, Lisa goes over her credit card limit. There’s something for everyone. Saved By the Bell: College Years follows Zack, Slater, Screech & Kelly to college at Cal Tech. The show got cancelled after season 1 but ended quite beautifully and something that everyone has been waiting for: Zack & Kelly got married, ending College Years in the 4 parter “Wedding In Las Vegas”. This show has been making people laugh for years, including myself. It is relatable, funny, and has what TV shows back then were like: Dealing with actual teenage problems and not just sex and getting pregnant which is what I really miss about TV and wish today’s TV was like.

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4. Boy Meets WorldHonestly, you can’t make a list about 90s TV shows and not put this show on it. This show is one of the shows that defined the 1990s. It centers on the life of Cornelius “Cory” Matthews. And that’s it. But this show is so much more than that. You get to fall in love with not only Cory but Shawn, Cory’s best friend and he’s also a troublemaker, Eric, Cory’s older brother, who’s popular and more of a comic relief, Topanga, beautiful and Cory’s girlfriend in the show, which then turns to his wife at the end of the series, and also Mr. Feeney, everyone’s favorite teacher. This show has been loved since the 90s and will be loved for a very long time. Everyone loved Eric for his comic relief, Shawn whenever he was a troublemaker and Cory & Topanga’s relationship that made everyone jealous and wish they had a Cory too. It’s so popular that a new spinoff “Girl Meets World” about Cory, Topanga, and their 3 kids, will be premiering this year. You can never get enough of Boy Meets World. It has what everyone needs: Laughter, love, lessons.

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5. All ThatJump starting the careers of Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson, Amanda Bynes, Jamie Lynn Spears, and more, All That was a very successful show. Starting in the mid 90s and carrying into the early 2000s, All That was a sketch comedy show, changing cast every few years. It also featured music guests every episode. The creator of the show, Dan Schneider (who’s a genius), went on to create The Amanda Show, Kenan & Kel, Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat and also created the hilarious movie Good Burger (which actually came from the Good Burger sketch on All That). The sketches were funny and the musical guests were amazing. One of my favorite things about the 90s. It had sketches like “Vital Information”, “Ask Ashley” (That’s me!), “Everyday French with Pierre Escargot”, “Good Burger”, and “Know Your Stars”. This show was basically the 90s teen version of Saturday Night Live and it was awesome.

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