Best wedding proposal 2015 2016 My unusual 148 day wedding proposal to claire full

I have been taking photos with my partner since 31st July asking her to marry me without her knowing till the day I actually proposed on the 25th Dec

Yes she really didnt know!!!. not because she was stupid but because I thought about what I did, there are 2 ways of taking a pic on a phone(front cameras did not invent the selfie been around since polariod… Young ones!!) I used the back camera so the screen wasn’t visible, she did asked to see the photo’s (who wouldn’t?) so I showed her the ones without the card in as I took multiple shots. The ones with the will you marry me sign (without the question mark)were put into a hidden folder and she was shown the rest. when she questioned why I was taking pics with the rear camera i explained the megapixel on the back camera is higher so better pic (which is true) so I had to master the art of taking a pic without dropping my phone took a while though and a few close calls. Using the rear camera I had problems with blurred pics, poor lighting and totally missing the card out so i had to take several pics (that many it was like we were being mobbed by the paparazzi) in total i nearly took a 1000 pics so I could pick the best for that day, why did I do it this way yes a little creepy but when your partner is feeling fat, frumpy and emotional because of pregnancy (questioning why do u want to be with me am fat? Am mardy eeewwww) I wanted to show her it doesn’t matter what happens. what she looks like, at her best and at her worse she is beautiful to me and I wanted to marry her.

Songs are by an unsigned artist Ryan Huston “love you forever”, “Alive” and “Lovespell”


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