21 DIY Trends That Dominated 2012

1. Before 2012, were you aware that you can make anything out of a Mason jar?

Create a soap dispenser of your very own.

Anything at all?

Directions here.


You’ll be the cutest camper there ever was.

2. Also, you can cover anything that has corporeal form with chalkboard paint.

Yes, that is a motorcycle helmet, thine eyes do not deceive.

3. Chalk isn’t just for the playground anymore.

Chalk your hair!

4. And sprinkles aren’t just for eating.

5. Is something not cute enough? Put a pom-pom on it.

Because putting a bird on it is so 2011.

It’s a pom-pom cloud mobile.

Sew them on your blankets.

6. Now we know there are PRACTICAL uses for nail polish.

Which is why we need to own as many pretty colors as possible.

This family has some interesting ideas about naming.

Clear nail polish over a mosquito bite will provide instant relief.

7. Always keep a garland on hand as an instant party decoration.

You never know when you’ll have to throw an emergency party.

Learn how to make this yarn bow garland here.

8. Bunting makes an easier cake decoration than messy icing dispensers.

9. “Decoupage” can actually look cool.

This ain’t your mom’s decoupage!

10. We discovered that Japan has invented really cool tape.

Get more washi tape projects here.

11. Paint chips are free, and therefore you should make art with them.

And wedding photo booth backdrops.

12. Glitter brings instant elation to one’s life.

And therefore we should cover everything in it. Like this Starbucks cup.

<a class="pin sub-buz

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/alannaokun/21-diy-trends-that-dominated-2012

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