A Guide To The Lesser-Known Houses On Game Of Thrones

Sure, everyone knows that Starks = wolves and Lannisters = lions, but there’s so many other noble houses in Westeros.

1. House Swyft

House Swyft

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Sigil: Rooster

Based: Cornfield, in the Westerlands

House Swyft are Lannister supporters who live near Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion’s birthplace of Casterly Rock. They are mainly background characters in the book, although Ser Harys has a slightly more prominent role in the fourth book, A Feast For Crows

2. House Manderly

House Manderly

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Sigil: Merman

Based: White Harbour, in the North

House Manderly are loyal to Rob Stark in the books, and members of this wealthy house accompany him during many of his campaigns against the Lannister forces. Because they live near a silver mine, House Manderley are pre-ttty wealthy, so you’d think they’d come up with a slightly more intimidating sigil than a fish dude with a fork.

3. House Mallister

House Mallister

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Sigil: Eagle

Based: Seagard, in the Riverlands

Being from the Riverlands, House Mallister support House Tully (aka Catelyn Stark’s former house), and their position on the West coast helps defend the Riverlands from ironborn invaders.

4. House Whent

House Whent

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Sigil: Nine bats

Based: Harrenhal (formerly)

The last of her line, Lady Shella Whent lived alone in Harrenhal, but during the course of the series, the cursed ruin is taken from her, given to Janos Slynt, then later to Petyr Baelish. Lady Shella dies off-page, and due to the Whent’s reputation for poor fertility, the noble house dies with her.

5. House Brax

House Brax

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Based: Hornvale, in the Westerlands

Loyal to House Lannister, House Brax make infrequent appearences in the books, mainly as part of Jaime Lannister’s host when he leads battles against the Northern forces. Sadly the existence of actual unicorns in Westeros has not been confirmed.

6. House Redwyne

House Redwyne

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Sigil: Grapes (duh)

Based: the Arbor, an island South-West of Westeros

Known for making great wine and being cheerful drunks (probably), House Redwyne support House Tyrell of Highgarden. In fact, the Queen Of Thorns, Margaery’s Grandmother, married into House Tyrell from the Redwynes. Hence why she’s such good fun at weddings.

7. House Estermont

House Estermont

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Sigil: Turtle

Based: Greenstone, in the Stormlands

Not much is known about the small island of Greenstone, but King Robert and Cersei visited here for a fortnight as part of their royal duties. Jaime recalls bedding Cersei during their visit here, and thinks this was where Joffrey was conceived.

8. House Reed

House Reed

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Sigil: A lizard-lion*

Based: Greywater Watch, the North

Bran Stark’s companions Jojen and Meera belong to House Reed, but their entire families history is a little vague, leading to many frenzied fan theories. Located in the southern-most reaches of The North, Greywater Watch is a castle built in the heart of the swamplands, and is hard to find because it can move around the swamp at will. Their sigil is a lizard-lion, a strange reptile native to the North that looks like a log, apparently.

9. House Mormont

House Mormont

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Sigil: a Bear

Based: Bear Island, the North

So far in the show we’ve met two of House Mormont; Jorah, Dany’s advisor and persistent would-be-paramour, and his father, Jeor, who was Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch before his untimely death. But the books feature more of the fearless family; with Jorah exiled and Jeor taking the black, the de facto head of house is Jeor’s sister Maege, a broad-shouldered lady who fights alongside Robb Stark with a spiked mace.

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