9 Wedding Day Disasters These Couples Can Now Laugh About

When youre working overtime to plan the most perfect and flawless wedding of your dreams, its not a matter of anticipatingwhat may go wrong. Its a matter of deciding what you will dowhen something doesgo totally, off-the-grind unplanned.

These moments are otherwise known as wedding day disasters. And they happen all the time.

The best way to prep for oneis to reassure yourself theres not much you can do except throw your hands up in the air and keep on partying like you just dont care.

Thats what these nine couples did when a wedding day disaster became the center of attention on their wedding day:

The Cake Took A Dive

I spent like $800 on a giant cake that was probably 4 feet high. It was gigantic.

When the staff at the restaurant brought it out for our cake cutting moment, they literally dropped it on the floor. There was cake all over the dance floor.

It was just the saddest thing in the world to see because cake is everyones favorite part of a wedding and now if they wanted it, they had to scoop it up from the ground.

Lani, 28

They HadWedding Crashers

I didnt know it at first, but there were about six people at our wedding that we didnt even know.

We had around 350 guests. I clearly knew everyone I invited, but since I was busy most of the night, I didnt notice the six strangers eating our food and drinking.

All of a sudden, one of my friends boyfriends got into a screaming match, and when my husband went over to see what was happening, he noticed the wedding crashers, who had started the yelling, and kicked them out.

Im guessing they drank and ate over $450 worth of stuff.

Marissa, 26

The Bride Lost HerPhone

I didnt have any bridesmaids around to hold my purse, so I stuffed my lip gloss in my bra and left my phone, I thought, in the bridal suite.

When I went back to get it, after the ceremony, it was gone.

Either someone took it, or I left it somewhere else and just didnt remember. I was so upset inthe moment.

I got through the wedding and used some of my wedding gift cash to buy a new one. I lost a lot of good morning of the wedding selfies, thats for sure.

Jill, 26

TheDJ Got The Stomach Flu

In the middle of our first dance, I looked over at the DJ booth and noticed the DJ was hurled underneath his turn-tables, puking.

So romantic, right?

Turns out, he had a stomach flu, but didnt want to cancel on our big day. Nobody else caught onto it, but it was a pretty lame night in terms of music and a person getting the party started.

Shelly, 30

The Ring Bearer Threw A Fit

We had my 4-year-old cousin as the ring bearer. As he was walking down the aisle, he decided to have a temper tantrum.

Seriously. This kid just, like, ran around screaming and crying. It put a massive damper on my grand entrance.

Jayme, 27

The Groomsman WasHungover

An hour before the wedding, we were drinking straight out of handles of vodka. One of my guys got so drunk, he was puking minutes before showtime.

He was so hungover walking down the aisle that he had to close his eyes the whole ceremony and carry a bottle of water with him.

Kyle, 26

The BrideLooked Orange

I looked like a freaking orange on my wedding day.

My spray tan was too tan and didnt fade by the wedding. If you look at pictures, I kind of look like Donald Trump because I have short, blonde hair. It was seriously a disaster.

I do look back now and laugh.

Candice, 28

There Was A Family Feud

Drama, drama, drama. If I knew itwas going to happen, I wouldnt have had a wedding.

Two of my family members actually threw punches at two of my grooms family members. It was ugly. It was painful to watch then.

Now, its kind of funny because the person who won the fight was my 82-year-old great uncle.

Hilary, 29

The GroomVanished

I didnt think there was going to be a wedding because, about 30 minutes before, I couldnt find the groom. He was nowhere to be found.

He didnt answer any of my calls or texts. I was crying. I thought it was over.

Turns out, my dad found him outside taking photos with his family, and he didnt have cell phone service.

Chrissy, 28

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