10 Impossibly Easy Ways To Make Your Wedding Magazine-Worthy

Make your wedding the most repinned (because we all know that that’s the true test of a respectable reception.)

1. Front-Cover Material


You know that Brides Magazine would feature this image, and you’d sit, drool, and wish. Wish no more, because you can have this look in just minutes. See how here.

2. Table-of-Contents Contender

3. Ask-The-Editor Adversary

Ask-The-Editor Adversary

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Can’t you just see this photo brightening up the pages filled with reader gripes in Modern Bride? It’s such an elegant and easy look to achieve.

4. Editor’s-Pick Potential

Editor's-Pick Potential

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The Knot would be all over this vintage beauty. Flip to the editor’s picks and it’ll be shining in all its glory. Say to it, “I will make you so hard.” And you will with this tutorial.

5. Two-Page-Spread Stunner

6. Cover-Story Certainty


This glittery golden gem would find its way to the pages of You & Your Wedding. Its blinding beauty would force the editors to highlight it on the cover. What they won’t tell you, though, is how to make it. We will.

7. Centerfold Candidate


This would be the main attraction in a star issue of Vogue Wedding. Bride after bride would open to this image and desperately wish they knew how to make it happen. We know how.

8. Celebrity-Pick Perfection

Celebrity-Pick Perfection

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Oh, come on. Life doesn’t get any cuter than this, so you know every wedding magazine will be featuring it in the biggest way. Luckily, you can just make this look yourself with a quick visit to the thrift store. Say hi to Macklemore for me.

9. Spotlight-On Shoo-In


InStyle Weddings would have their spotlight all up in this antique biz-nass. Turn your tables into publication material with these step-by-step instructions.

10. Back-Cover Beauty

Back-Cover Beauty

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These pretty birds will flutter onto the pages of Exquisite Weddings and right into your heart. Make ’em.

For more ridiculously easy yet stunning wedding ideas, visit All Free DIY Weddings.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/allfreediyweddings/10-impossibly-easy-ways-to-make-your-wedding-magaz-gpxw

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