Man Collaborates With A Cappella Group For The Ultimate Surprise Proposal (Video)

Planning a wedding proposal can’t be easy. Keeping it a surprise is hard enough, but coming up with a creative and charming way to pop the question is a challenge in and of itself.

Alex, the star of this video, shows us exactly how it’s done.

The hopeful guy developed an elaborate plan involving a collaboration with a cappella groups at the University of Southern California campus.

He wanted to coordinate a surprise performance, in which he’d pop the question to Anna, his best friend of eight years and girlfriend of one.

The a cappella groups worked Alex’s proposal into the grand finale of their show. They served as his backup singers whilst Alex took over the microphone to serenade his lover, eventually getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him.

When describing the special memory for How He Asked, Alex said,

Love is the answer. Love is what we are all looking for, in one form or another. It is what carries us through this life, and a chance to celebrate it in such an overt way was what I believe drew everyone into this.

The wonderful proposal couldn’t have gone better, and it’s incredibly sweet to watch.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

via How He Asked

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