The 15 Best Things That Happened On Food Twitter In 2013

1. @RealCarrotFacts was born and was perfect.

2. Anonymous took over Burger King’s Twitter account and changed its name to McDonald’s.

More than an hour and 30,000 new followers later, Burger King apparently figured out what was going on and the account was suspended.

3. Cap’n Crunch and Taco Bell competed for Chrissy Teigen’s love and loyalty…




4. …but Taco Bell won when they put a literal ring on it.

Chrissy Teigen /

5. Carls Jr. tried (and failed) to capitalize on the new pope’s election.

Surprising, given how Carl’s Jr. is usually such a paragon of good taste.

6. Noah Ellis, the owner of Red Medicine in Los Angeles, perfected the art of aggro-subtweeting no-show diners…

…and taught chef Alex Stupak to never, ever ask Twitter for new taco suggestions.


This happened for two months.

7. The Denny’s Twitter account spent a solid two hours tweeting Brand New lyrics jokes.

Brought to you by one brave, pop punk-obsessed social media manager.

8. New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells had a heated back-and-forth with a ham.

I’m going to start saying “you’re rather particular for a cured pork leg” to everyone who ever questions my opinions.

9. Paula Deen’s racism lawsuit inspired the super-viral #paulasbestdishes hashtag.

10. The New York Times doxxed the guy behind @ruthbourdain.

Julia Moskin outed food blogger Josh Friedland as the writer of the foul-mouthed parody account that, in a moment we will probably become increasingly embarrassed by over the course of the next decade, won a James Beard Award in 2011. Following the big reveal, @ruthbourdain promptly became a yawn-inducing stream of self-promotional tweets about Friedland’s media appearances.

11. Getting hacked was so trendy this year that Chipotle faked its own twitter meltdown.

It seemed a little fishy, and it was.

12. Twitter responded to the 300 Sandwiches debacle with some pretty solid feminist sandwich jokes.

Rene Cervantes / NY Post / Via / Via

13. Martha Stewart shared some truly terrible food photos…


…and, like the badass Twitter wizard that she is, refused to apologize for anything.

14. Superstar cake baker and amazing lady Sylvia Weinstock continued to tweet.

15. Guy Fieri cooked with Drake, tweeted about it, called Drake “brutha.”

And not for the first time.

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